Hello friends. Many times, we want to do our own creation. But we do not have idea how to do it. So, this category deals with how to build and also upload the website.  In other words, this course will explain you about everything that is needed to build and upload/ host website. However, follow all the tutorial posts in this category to learn everything about website. It will teach you:

How to build a website?

What is process to  Upload/host a website?

How to purchase domain name?

What is hosting? their types and their uses.

What are FTP clients? How to use them?

What is SEO?

How to make website appear in search results?

What are keywords, meta and slug?

What is CMS(Content Management System)?

How to earn from website?

Which are different Ad networks?

What is SSL? its need and use.

What is Privacy Protection?

Certainly, this course covers all the above listed questions. Finally, After reading this, you will definitely have a well knowledge of online website hosting and how to make that website even better. Furthermore, new posts will be added. just have a look at them and learn from them for free.