How to build a website

In this post, we will see how to build website. The website can be built with the custom coding, or can also be built with the any popular CMS(Content Management System) softwares. Here, we will see both these ways.

1. Build website with Custom Coding

The first way is for students of computer related course, or anyone who is interested in coding. So, if your are one, go forward with this method.
The website is a collection of interlinked web pages. They are built with web developing languages like html, php,, AngularJS, css, bootstrap,and the list continues…

We have to learn at least basic programming of HTML language,which is very easy to learn. simply open any text editor like Notepad and write html code in it and save it with .html extension. The file will open in browser and will show you the results as per your coding.

This is the only sample how to develop web page using html. You can use many other languages as per your requirements. The websites have two types:

Static Website:

This website only shows contents to the user but does not provide any interaction mechanism to it. Also, it does not have back end mechanism to store user’s data. These sites can be built with custom coding in HTML, css, bootstrap and many other front end technologies.

Dynamic website:

This website have a back end mechanism which can provide user interaction, store, and update the data. These types of websites needs to be built with language that can interact with the database like php, Python, Ruby,,…

This website provides tutorials on php language. You can learn it by visiting here.

2. Build website with CMS

Now we’ll see the alternative way to build website. These types of websites are for those who would like to run a website, but they are not aware of coding. There are many CMS softwares in the market are used to build such websites. Also, they are free to use and modify. This way is best for you if you are not so much interested in coding, but want to have something of your own.

Now, how to build website using CMS? The most popular CMS is WordPress. Maybe you’ve heard this name before. This is a best CMS in the world. WordPress powers 27% of the total websites on the internet (including this one). It is a downloadable software where you can use it to manage and show your contents and build a good dynamic website.

This website also provides tutorials on WordPress. You can learn it here.

Now, you have an idea about how to build website. The next lessons will cover how to upload and optimize it.

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