How to upload/host a website

Hello. Previously, we have discussed about how to build a website in the previous tutorial. Now in this post, we will see how the websites are actually uploaded, made live, what is domain name, hosting and how to buy domain.

1. Buy a domain name

To make websites live, we have to do a first thing that is buy domain name. There are number of domains available like .com, .net, .org, .in are the popular ones, Again some are cheaper like .info .me .xyz. They cost only ₹65 to 70 per year. Remember, the domain needs to be renewed every year.  Starting with a cheap domain is a good idea.

Where to buy domain?

There are many companies which sells domains. This is a fully online process and you will be paying for a virtual thing. Some sites are, Simply go through these sites and purchase a domain name you want which suits your website purpose and fits in the budget.

2. Buy a Hosting

The film does not end here. There needs a hosting service to run a website. A domain without hosting is just like a vehicle without fuel. Hosting means to buy a space where you can put your coding files, databases and your other multimedia contents. These files will be shown when people visits your website url i.e. domain. You have to pay a separate price for hosting or as per the plans of the service provider. You can buy the hosting from the same website from where you purchased a domain. The above list of companies do also provide hosting. You can buy from them.

3. Set up Website

After you purchased domain and hosting, you will get access to a control panel of your website and hosting account. In that, you will get many features. There will be option like ‘file manager’. Just click on it. The space for putting your website file is here. The sample is shown in the following screen.

How to upload/host website, buy domain name,hosting guide


Click on the file manager, there will be some default file. Remove it and upload your website files there in the public_html. If everything goes correct, then your website should now be live.

For dynamic websites:

In case of dynamic website, you need to set up a database as you have done on the local server. Browse your admin area for section ‘MySQL databases’. clicking on it, will open a phpmyadmin. You can set up your database there same as like local server. Make sure you have changed your connection parameters according to the live server credentials. Your dynamic web app will now start working. If something is not working, feel free to contact us.

For CMS Softwares:

If your website is built on the CMS softwares like WordPress, Joomla, then you have to upload the contents of whole folder directly to your website in the public_html folder. Now, create the database and import the SQL file there. Now visit your website’s url. You can see your website running live.You can also get the help of uploading CMS softwares on their respective official sites.

Now, Hope you have caught all the things in this post. Lets give a try to build your own website and make your own creation 🙂 Thanks for reading this article. In the next post, we will discuss what are different types of hosting and their uses.

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