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Tehcnopoints is a blog which provides the tutorials for beginners in programming. It is the place where the professionals share their knowledge and gain respect.

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We’ve made the Technopoints open for everyone who want to share knowledge over the Internet. Help others by your helpful posts and lets make a contribution to this knowledge sharing community.

Why Join Technopoints?

Technopoints is an open knowledge sharing community build to help beginners. By joining us, You will get benefit as per the below points.

1. Get your profile on Technopoints

Your profile will be created and shown publicly on our site so that you can show your skills and show that you’re the professional developer.

2. Get Certified!

Once you join this community and start writing posts, You’ll be certified which will help to build your career and show that your professionalism.

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3. Show your Contribution below every post

You will be given credit for your genuine work. That is, you can show that you have contributed in this website.

4. Enlist this speciality in your Resume

You can definitely include that your are a part of this website and working for it. Thus, it shows you’re social and it will definitely help you in your career.


How to join this community?

You have to fill the simple form here. You will receive a confirmation email whether you are eligible or not. If eligible, then the link will be provided to you via email along with your credentials to login to our website and you can start posting your own tutorials.

Which programming language’s tutorials can I post?

Currently, technopoints has tutorials for php and WordPress,so you can post on these languages. But, if you have a deep knowledge of any other language, then you can send us a request via email and we’ll start the new category and you can post the tutorials there.

Can I publish my tutorial directly?

Of course! You can write and publish your own tutorials instantly, but make sure that they complies with our posting Policy.

How I will be certified?

For certification, you need to join this community by simply filing a form here. Once you’ll write at least 10 tutorials, we’ll respect your contribution and efforts and you’ll receive a certificate from Technopoints.

Does the certificate have any validity?

As per the rules of Technopoints, You’ll have to write at least 10 quality tutorials to receive the certification. That will be valid for 1 year. Once your tutorials’ count goes to at least 25, you will receive the permanent certificate which will be valid forever.

Can Anyone copy my certificate? Is my certificate secure?

Your certificate is of course secure and no one can copy your certificate. Every certificate has a unique bar code which gives a unique number on decryption. We also store a record at our site for the certificates and unique numbers. Anyone can check your certificate’s genuineness from the site and this proves your identity and maintains security.So, you don’t need to worry.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at

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