Installation of WordPress Tutorial

Welcome to this post. Planning to get your own WordPress website, but don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. This tutorial will guide you through the step by step installation process of WordPress site on local server. See intro of the WordPress at here if you’re not sure what is it.

1. Download WordPress

First step is towards our goal is download the WordPress software. Head to the official website of WordPress.
You’ll see something like This page.

Installation of WordPress on local server tutorial

Click on the top right button labelled “Download WordPress“. Your download will start immediately. You don’t need to login or signup for downloading WordPress.

2. Download Local Server

WordPress runs on a browser and it needs a local server to run. Hence, download a Xampp or Wamp server from the official site. You can download WAMP for windows, LAMP for Linux and MAMP for Mac OS. In this case, we’ll talk about WampServer. Download it here. Install it on your PC.

3. Manage WordPress in local server

Thus, we have environment set. Now, double click on the Wampserver icon . you’ll see the icon in the system tray like wampserver icon. It indicates that all servers are running successfully. Click on that icon and select “www directory”. Now, extract the wordpress file you downloaded into the this directory. You’ll see the folder named wordpress. Rename it with your website name you want.

4. WordPress Installation

Open the browser now and type localhost/websitename in the browser. The installation screen of wordpress will appear. click on the “Let’s Go” button at bottom.
Now, we have to create the database. Open localhost/phpmyadmin in the browser and create the database with any name. In my case, it is ‘wordpress’.


Installation of WordPress on local server tutorial

Now enter your credentials in the  proper fields. Enter the Database name you just created, enter your mysql username and password. The default mysql username is “root” and password is empty string, i.e. nothing. leave other fields as they are and hit submit. If everything goes fine, you’ll get a success message and the button to start the installation.

On the next screen, the Enter the site title, username, password and email. Be careful while entering the username and passwords as they’ll need you at the login time. Thus, WordPress is now installed on your computer.

5. Visit Your Website!

Now click on localhost/websitename (in my case, localhost/wordpress) to see your website. It is built. Seems Great!It seems nice that we have th working website.

Installation of WordPress Tutorial

Now, you’ve to login to manage all the things. For this, go to localhost/wordpress/wp-login.php (replace ‘wordpress’ with your website name in url). You can enter your credentials and login to access the Dashboard. We’ll see dashboard in further tutorials.  🙂

If you have any queries, feel free to put them in comment box below.

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