Introduction to WordPress

What is WordPress?(Introduction)

WordPress is a CMS-Content Management System that enables the bloggers to write beautiful blogs without any programming knowledge.Anyone can start writing blogs through it. It is very convenient and powerful tool. It is an open source CMS.i.e. Anyone can modify it and use it according to their needs. This post is for introduction of this software to beginners.

Why WordPress CMS?

It is the most popular and powerful blogging platform which is absolutely free. It has separate store to install plugins as needed and can improve the website functionality. It powers 28% of the total internet. Also, the support team is available to solve any queries. That’s the reason most bloggers love it. It is the Best CMS available over the internet. Simply Google it, you’ll get the idea about popularity it.

WordPress can be run on two platforms:
1. WordPress as a service on
2. The self-hosted version as

The is an online service where you can start your blog instantly without any special hosting service. In this, the CMS will automatically do your SEO and manage your contents. You don’t have to get your hands dirty in managing back end coding and other things. You can get more info about this on

In case of, It is a downloadable software which needs a local server to run on PC. You’ll need a separate hosting service for running it on the internet. In this, you can edit the source code behind your CMS files, install various plugins and change look and feel of your blog to make it unique.

So, Which is best, .com or .org?

The beginners always wonder about which platform to choose to start the website. The answer may differ from person to person. The .com will handle all your site data and there’s no need of hosting, but you’ll have to pay for additional functionalities like storage space and themes. However, you can start it for free with sub-domain on .com The choice depends on what you want to do, this post trying to make introduction of this useful open-source software.

In .org, you have to buy the hosting service externally and place the offline website over it and you have to create and manage the database. But, it is full of flexibility. People love this flexibility and that’s why most website are built on .org.

The all future tutorials on this website will be for .org because, using .com doesn’t need any technical knowledge at all.

If you still have any doubt, you can put it in comment box below or don’t hesitate to drop a line at or fill the contact form on the contact page.

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