Image Upload to folder using php

A warm welcome, Developers! In this tutorial, we’ll now study how to enable image upload to the folder. In this procedure, we’re not dealing with the database, everything is done by php code.

Now, We do not need to write a Connection file as there’s no role of database.

Design the form

Lets first design a form for photo upload. Make the File display.html and paste the following code in it.


We are here using the css for the better UI. create file styling.css and paste following code in it.



You’ll see the following look after opening the file display.html.

php photo upload

Back end code for image upload to folder

Now lets start a php code. So make file upload.php with the following code in it. We are not creating  a database here because there’s no need in this case. We are simply uploading the picture to the folder without using a database relation. But you can add it and see the further tutorial here.


Now we are done with the code. Just create a folder named uploads in the same directory where you put all these above files. The folder will contain the images which we uploaded. Check that folder after success message.
This code is able to check whether the uploaded file is valid image or not. see the screenshot below.

php photo upload

We’ll get a confirmation message as follows if the data upload becomes successful.
php photo upload
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Alternatively, you can always download the source code from the following link.

Download Source Code

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