What are FTP clients, how to use them

Hello Friends! In previous post, we have learnt how to upload a website. Now, in this post, we will see how to upload a website using FTP client software. It is very useful and convenient to use FTP softwares to operate a website. At first, we will see what is FTP.

What is FTP?

FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol”. It is a set of standards which governs the online file transfers. There are some file transfer softwares available in the market which are used for this purpose. For the uploading, creating, deleting and editing of website files and directories, the FTP client softwares are a great tools.Many popular free FTP softwares are FileZilla, CoreFTP and much more. Simply search them on the internet and download them in your PC. Now you are ready to go.

Steps to use FTP softwares:

The most popular and free FTP client software is FileZilla. So, we’ll use it for the demonstration purpose.


Download FileZilla client software from this link. Install it as other common softwares.


Open it you will see the following screenshot.


Now, go to your your cpanel area of your hosting service provider and browse to the “FTP accounts” section. there you will get details like host, username, password and port number as shown in image below.

Now, fill these details into the FTP softwares and click on “Quickconnect” button. If everything goes right,then you will see your website files in the right bottom panel as shown below.

Now, we’re connected to the website. You can now directly right click on files in the left panel and can directly upload them to the website. You can also edit file on the website right from here and can also update or delete them. Thus, we do not need to login to the cpanel and access the file manager. We can do it all from such FTP software. Hope this helps you. In case of any query, we are happy to answer you. Just leave a comment in the comment box below, and we’ll try to resolve your query.

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