php send mail

Hey Technoz! We are now here to see the important and interesting part of php website i.e. email. php is a language which allows to send emails directly from the php scripts. So lets start the tutorial. We’ll first see the html form part. create the file mail.html and put the following code in it.

We’ve given the good look also to the form. For this, we’ve given the css styling. create file style.css and paste
the following code in it.

Now you can see the form we created as shown in following image.

php send mail tutorial

Looking good. isn’t it? But it is only the front end. Now we have to build the php beck end which will enable the email to be send to the intended address.

Create a file named mail-send.php and write the following code in it.

Now run the mail.html file, enter the email address of the recipient and the message to send and click send. The email is sent and we’ll see the following screen.

php send mail tutorial

Also, check your mailbox. You’ll see the like following this.

php send mail tutorial

Hurrey! It’s working fine. If any difficulties, Feel free to use our source code below.

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